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If you take a few minutes to look around your home in Portsmouth, VA or the surrounding areas, you might be surprised to realize how many electronic devices you have. If you're like most of us, your home probably contains several TVs, at least one computer, a video game system, and phones for every member of the family. These devices are great since they make life easier, keep you entertained, and help you stay connected with loved ones around the country. However, it's also incredibly inconvenient when one of your favorite electronics stops working. You might know what the problem is, or you might have no clue what's wrong. Either way, you want it to get fixed quickly!

That's where our team here at Active Computer & Electronics comes in. We specialize in computer repair and other electronic repairs for all types of systems. We've worked hard to assemble a team of experts who can tackle everything from small problems to major system breakdowns, and we are committed to providing top quality repairs at fair prices. Our TV repair options can help you get back the clear picture and quick functionality that you once had without the high cost of buying a completely new device.

We built Active Computer & Electronics on the basic principles of providing customers with great service with a smile, and we continue to provide this excellent service every day. We are proud that our customers return to us time and time again for all of their computer repair needs, and they also recommend us to others throughout Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Portsmouth, VA. If you've been searching for a TV repair company that will give you honest information and fair prices, you can end your search here at Active Computer & Electronics. Contact our team today!

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